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When you’re looking to expand into new territories, such as advertising in Canada, most marketing firms in Canada simply rinse and repeat the same campaigns that have worked well for them in other markets. It’s tempting to do, especially if you’re expanding from the United States into Canada. Canadians speak the same language, play in the same sports leagues, and watch the same media as Americans.

Why not just copy the campaigns that work well in the U.S. for Canadian audiences?

Because Canadians, anywhere from Toronto to Vancouver, have widely and subtly different:

  • Laws and regulatory bodies
  • Cultural attitudes
  • Languages, vernacular, and commonly understood references
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Currency, economic opportunities, and values
  • Print, TV, Internet, and Mobile media consumption habits

When you need a top marketing agency who specializes in advertising in Canada, look no further. We provide both small business marketing services as well supporting some of the largest clients in the US and Canada.

About The Canadian Advertising Landscape

For example, the average Canadian household has about $79,012 in household expenditures, $58,592 of which goes to household consumption. While Canadians notoriously spend less on healthcare, they typically spend more on recreation, clothing, personal care, reading and other miscellaneous purchases. The Canadian population is also more diverse than the United States, even though 80% of the Canadian population lives within 93 miles of the US-Canada border.

Ultimately, these contrasting points of view lead Canadian advertisers to customize their advertising intent and targeting, to best connect and drive engagement from this unique, foreign market.

Work With The Best Canadian Marketing Firm

CTA Media is a media research, strategy, planning and buying group specializing in Canadian advertising. Our team is filled with experts with experience navigating the Canadian media landscape. We pride ourselves in understanding client goals and developing a unique and effective targeting strategy for each campaign. We’re focused on utilizing all media channels to drive value and discover actionable insights that create value for our clients.

Clients trust our team for their Canadian marketing and advertising, in part, because of our:

  • Experience: We eat, sleep, and breath Canada.
  • Efficiency: Extremely competitive rates for high performing inventory
  • Historical Data & Insights: With decades of combined experience, we know every crucial detail of successfully advertising in Canada. As experts in the space, we leverage previous learnings and implement them into every new campaign.
  • Financial Incentives: We are a US entity and are tax exempt. We bill our clients in USD, alleviating the need to stress over exchange rates and currency mismatches.