CTA Media Taps the Potential of the

US Hispanic Media Buying Markets

The numbers are powerful. US Hispanics accounted for 63 percent of gains in US home ownership over the past decade. During the same time period, this demographic group accounted for 81 percent of the growth in the total US labor force. 

American Hispanics represent a major force within the US economy and related buying power, and their influence will continue to only grow.

Other important statistics to note. American Hispanics are youthful. More than half of the US Hispanic population is under 29 years old, and 61 percent is 35 years old or younger. These young consumers are early adopters of digital technology, and they are embracing the smartphone as their media-consuming device of choice at a fast pace. That’s because 60 percent grew up in the Internet age compared to only 40 percent of non-Hispanic whites. By 2020, a record 32 million Hispanics were eligible to vote.

Still, not all Latin Americans are the same. There are many demographic, cultural and regional differences within this large population.

CTA Media Enhances Relevancy for
American Hispanic Audiences

That’s where CTA Media comes in. Those numbers must be understood for Hispanic characteristics for language preference, culture and thought. CTA Media knows the Spanish American media buying markets inside and out. We understand that more than 70% of Hispanics are bilingual. And we advertise in a way that’s highly relevant to today’s US Hispanic population. Enhancing relevancy to a target audience is more important than ever when media fragmentation greatly increases the competition for any consumer’s attention.

At CTA Media, we meet a consumer need, find a moment in time and evoke an emotion. Consumers are thankful when advertising reminds them of something they need. The appreciate ads that are relevant to what they are watching, listening to or reading. And they like ads that make them feel something. Those “likes” are something all consumers – Hispanic and non-Hispanic have in common.