Media Planning
and Buying

Media planning is the process of identifying and selecting media outlets – such as newspapers, magazines, social media, PPC, digital publications, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placements – in which to place paid advertisements.

When establishing a media plan, we will often factor in the following:

  • Who does the ad need to reach?
  • What is the marketing budget?
  • Conversion goals
  • Frequency of the message
  • Reach of the message
  • How to define success (KPIs)

Suffice it to say, connecting your marketing message with your target is no easy task. But at CTA Media, we’re always up for a challenge.

It might be easy to assume that the goal is to drive conversions or engagement; however, that would oversimplify this step. Goals can frequently vary by campaign, department, and client.  For example, your sales team might value increased revenue as the primary objective. But your marketing department might decide that local brand awareness is more important. Understanding the main goal of each campaign helps us to determine campaign messaging, as well as placement and frequency.

Having served clients in major markets nationwide – from New York to San Francisco – CTA Media is comprised of a team of experts in all aspects of the media world, online and offline, traditional and ambient, local and national.

Once your specific media mix is determined and agreed upon, our media planning and buying strategists will help you move forward with marketing services that include negotiating rates and ad placement. With years of experience in media planning and media buying, we will help you benefit from our volume discount rates and negotiating skills. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your goals and expectations.