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Our Specialties: Canadian & Hispanic American Media Buying

Advertising with Canadian Media Demands
Customization and Micro-Targeting

The Canadian advertising market is the 9th largest advertising market in the world with advertising spending in Canada projected to be nearly $12 billion by 2022, according to Statistica. Knowing how to work within that market requires experience with advertising agencies and media in markets from Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver.

Canadians speak the same language, play in the same sports leagues, and watch the same media as Americans, but successfully reaching Canada’s media markets requires a deeper dive. From direct mail to TV to newspapers and magazines to social media, the Canadian media market requires the ability to customize and personalize campaigns and media buys.

CTA Media Knows the US Hispanic Media Buying Markets

The potential from marketing to the US Hispanic market is often overlooked. But it should be front and center. CTA Media knows how to market to Hispanic Americans through the best digital and traditional media channels. We understand when the market requires content in Spanish or English or both. Building a relationship with buyers in this growing and important market should begin today.  

We’re Experts in Media Planning and Media Buying for Canadian and US Hispanic Media Markets

Media planning is the process of identifying and selecting media outlets – such as newspapers, magazines, social media, PPC, digital publications, TV and radio stations, and outdoor placements – in which to place paid advertisements.

From NYC to San Francisco, we serve clients in major markets nationwide for Canadian media markets and American Hispanic media markets. Our team of experts works on all aspects of the media world, online and offline, traditional and innovative, local and national. 

Programmatic Advertising Uses Technology to
Automate Media Buying

Put very simply, programmatic advertising is the process of buying digital advertising space automatically with computers that use data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them, typically in real time. Our end-to-end buy side platform sheds layers and lowers fees.

The primary benefit of programmatic advertising is the ability to personalize and automate media buys to make ads more relevant for groups of consumers. We review demographic and behaviors based on an individual’s internet consumption habits over time. Factors might include target interests the client is trying to reach, on which day, at what scale and on which devices.

Pay-for-Performance Marketing Taps into the Power of Customer Buying

The modern age of data-driven marketing is finally here. Performance marketing provides advertisers with more control and valuable insights into the performance of campaigns. Performance marketing works by choosing an action – whether it’s a sale, lead, or click – and paying only when that desired action has been completed.

Travel Inclusivity Program (TIP)

Whether your business is certified and seeking targeted marketing or on the path to autism certification, CTA Media’s Travel Inclusivity Program can help. Empowering businesses to launch autism-friendly programs and communicate this status, TIP aims to increase your customer base by catering to the underserved autism community. Join us in setting a new standard for accessibility and shaping a more inclusive world.